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Operated by POSMicro.com, our Outlet store offers overstock, open-box and clearance point-of-sale hardware at discount prices!

Buy with confidence! All pos hardware is carefully tested to ensure full operability - we back up every sale with our "Complete Satisfaction" guarantee.
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Barcode Scanners

Cipher Lab 1000
Cipher Lab 1000 Starting at $36.00
The Cipher Lab 1000 CCD barcode scanner combines all the functionality of an entry-level hand held scanner into an economical unit de... Read More & Purchase
DataLogic Magellan 1100i
DataLogic Magellan 1100i Starting at $195.00
The Datalogic Magellan 1100i barcode scanner gives any high volume retail, grocery, or manufacturing location an aggressive and versa... Read More & Purchase
DataLogic Magellan 1000i
DataLogic Magellan 1000i Starting at $205.00
The Magellan 1000i (formerly PSC) reader features an innovative technology that offers maximum reliability and high performance while... Read More & Purchase
DataLogic Gryphon Series
DataLogic Gryphon Series Starting at $180.00
The Gryphon reader series by Datalogic combines excellent performance with ergonomic design. The "Instinctive Reading Distance", a co... Read More & Purchase
DataLogic QuickScan L GD2300
DataLogic QuickScan L GD2300 Starting at $85.00

The Datalogic QuickScan L QD2300 provides any business with precise, accurate laser scanner, ideal for retail or office use. With ... Read More & Purchase

DataLogic Powerscan PD8530
DataLogic Powerscan PD8530 Starting at $325.00
The PowerScan PD8500 industrial corded handheld area imager performs omnidirectional reading of 1D and 2D codes. It can also read mul... Read More & Purchase
Honeywell Xenon 1902
Honeywell Xenon 1902 Starting at $360.00

Honeywell´s Xenon 1902 barcode scanner allows you to take Honeywell´s most aggressive scanning technology anywhere. Honeywell´s ... Read More & Purchase

Honeywell Captuvo SL22
Honeywell Captuvo SL22 Starting at $260.00
The Honeywell Captuvo SL22 sled gives any 4th generation iPod Touch the data capture features and durability required for mobile POS success... Read More & Purchase
Honeywell MS9520 Voyager
Honeywell MS9520 Voyager Starting at $85.00

The Honeywell MS9520 Voyager is a popular all-purpose single-line laser scanner. The scanner comes ready to use either in-stand or... Read More & Purchase

Honeywell MS3780 Fusion
Honeywell MS3780 Fusion Starting at $180.00
The MS3780 Fusion barcode scanner will provide unparalleled functionality and performance. When the scanner is in the hands free stan... Read More & Purchase
Honeywell 3800G
Honeywell 3800G Starting at $115.00
The 3800G is the newest member of the legendary 3800 family of linear imagers. The first linear imager to earn the Adaptus Imaging Te... Read More & Purchase
Honeywell 4820
Honeywell 4820 Starting at $320.00

The 4820 (formerly the 4620). This scanner delivers all the durability and end-user benefits of previous models, but now with the ... Read More & Purchase

Honeywell Voyager 1200G
Honeywell Voyager 1200G Starting at $105.00
The Honeywell Voyager 1200g barcode scanner features CodeGate technology, carrying on the tradition of the original voyager models. T... Read More & Purchase
Honeywell MS7820 Solaris
Honeywell MS7820 Solaris Starting at $245.00
The Honeywell MS7820 Solaris omni-directional presentation scanner offers the following feature set: a very fast scan engine with the... Read More & Purchase
Honeywell 3820
Honeywell 3820 Starting at $385.00
The Honeywell 3820 is a cordless barcode scanner that provides excellent scanning and reliability for any retail or light industrial ... Read More & Purchase
Honeywell IS1650
Honeywell IS1650 Starting at $170.00
The Honeywell IS1650 is an industrial area fixed-mount scanner. It has a hands-free imager that utilizes a high-resolution sensor to ... Read More & Purchase
Honeywell Voyager 1202g
Honeywell Voyager 1202g Starting at $290.00
The Honeywell Voyager 1202g barcode scanner builds on the Voyager platform, offering Honeywell´s fantastic laser scanning in a mobile... Read More & Purchase
Honeywell Voyager
Honeywell Voyager Starting at $95.00
A popular all-purpose single-line laser scanner, the MS9520 Voyager comes equipped with in- stand and out-of-stand operation for easy ... Read More & Purchase
Honeywell VoyagerGS
Honeywell VoyagerGS Starting at $85.00
All the great features of the original MS9520 Voyager in a new, more ergonomic "gun-style" package. Avaialble in a variety of interface optio... Read More & Purchase
ID Tech EconoScan
ID Tech EconoScan Starting at $30.00
The EconoScan CCD barcode scanner is a solid choice for performance at a bargain price. Plug and play combined with the capability of... Read More & Purchase
Intermec SG20
Intermec SG20 Starting at $180.00

The Intermec SG20 barcode scanner provides any retailer with excellent 2D scanning in a unique form factor. Built with a lightwe... Read More & Purchase

Metrologic QuantumT
Metrologic QuantumT Starting at $160.00
The MS3580 QuantumT barcode scanner offers compact, versatile and highly-accurate choice for omni-directional and single-line present... Read More & Purchase
Motorola RS507
Motorola RS507 Starting at $800.00

The Motorola RS507 ring scanner is a great way to add 2D scanning to your mobility, field work, or order fulfillment applications. The ... Read More & Purchase

Motorola LI4278
Motorola LI4278 Starting at $350.00

Motorola´s LI4278 barcode scanner delivers the freedom of cordless scanning, combined with the power of Motorola´s linear im... Read More & Purchase

Opticon OPL-9712
Opticon OPL-9712 Starting at $375.00

The Opticon OPL 9712 is a portable batch laser scanner that features Bluetooth communication for instant data-transfer to Bluetoot... Read More & Purchase

POS-X V-Line Shooter
POS-X V-Line Shooter Starting at $25.00
The Low-cost POS-X V-Line Shooter barcode scanner combines a 200 per second scan rate and a 4.3" scan range in a comfortable, lightwe... Read More & Purchase
POS-X ION Linear Imager
POS-X ION Linear Imager Starting at $70.00
The POS-X ION Linear barcode scanner gives any retailer the quick 1D scanning necessary to keep lines moving smoothly. The combination of er... Read More & Purchase
POS-X ION Linear Wireless
POS-X ION Linear Wireless Starting at $210.00

The POS-X ION Linear Wireless barcode scanner is ideal for medium volume retail and light inventory management. The scanner is e... Read More & Purchase

POS-X EVO 2D Starting at $195.00

The POS-X EVO 2D barcode scanner supplies a less expensive option for future-proofing your operations. The lightweight design an... Read More & Purchase

POS-X XI1000
POS-X XI1000 Starting at $25.00
The POS-X XI1000 CCD barcode scanner features affordability and performance in a compact handheld unit. This unit sports an aggressiv... Read More & Purchase
Symbol LS4278
Symbol LS4278 Starting at $250.00
The LS4278 cordless laser scanner incorporates a Class-2 Bluetooth radio communicates within a line-of-sight range of up to 50 feet. ... Read More & Purchase
Symbol LS2208
Symbol LS2208 Starting at $115.00
The Symbol LS2208 barcode scanner is designed for medium to high volume retail environments, but will also work for light industrial,... Read More & Purchase
Symbol LS9208
Symbol LS9208 Starting at $175.00
The (formerly Symbol) Motorola LS9208 omni-directional barcode scanner provides 100 scans per second speed with multiple lasers so yo... Read More & Purchase
Symbol Scanner Cables
Symbol Scanner Cables Starting at $5.00
Various interface cables for Symbol barcode scanners.... Read More & Purchase
Symbol 3578 Cordless Industrial
Symbol 3578 Cordless Industrial Starting at $600.00
The Symbol LS3578 cordless barcode scanner utilizes two unique scan engines to increase scanning robustness. Both feature an IP65 sea... Read More & Purchase
UniTech MS320
UniTech MS320 Starting at $60.00

The MS320 barcode scanner from Unitech offers a long-range CCD scan engine for extended depth-of-field up to 7 inches. The MS32... Read More & Purchase

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